You’ve probably been shopping for as long as you can remember, so at this point it’s second nature. Many of us never received any formal shopping training. You may have been taught a few things about frugality from your grandma. That was just the tip of the iceberg! There is a better way to shop and with a few simple tips, you can be a smarter shopper. Let’s get educated!


1. Discover

Knowing about a deal and sales is half the battle. Savvy online shoppers are familiar with Slickdeals, Woot! and Fatwallet. Start checking these sites daily to nab a great deal when you least suspect it.

Did you know about Slice’s “Discover” section in the app?  Here you can find a section for “Price Drops,” that displays items that have been recently gone on sale. It’s a big deal, literally, because every once in a while you’ll find a huge price drop–we’re talking hundreds of dollars, no joke.  It’s sort of like shopping in the sales section for every merchant. Check out your favorite stores like Nordstrom, Newegg, Zappos and Pottery Barn!

2. Price Drops

This brings us to our next tip: price drops (also called price adjustments or price protection). Whatever you want to call them, they happen when a merchant honors a sale price after you’ve already purchased the item. For instance, if you picked up that leather jacket at full price at Nordstrom but then a week later find out it went on sale (which it might have–it’s the Half-Yearly sale now). Their policy is to refund you the difference and giving you the assurance you’re always getting the best deal. Pretty cool, right?

But here’s the catch. Most price drop policies have a deadline of one or two weeks after purchase. But, some retailers are cooler about it, like  Zappos, which has a 30-day purchase window. Check with favorite merchants to see if they have a similar policy. Or don’t because Slice will automatically let you know if anything you’ve bought drops in price. You’re welcome! Find out more about Slice price drops.

And check this out–some credit cards even offer 30-day price protection and they will honor your price drop. So you don’t even need to worry about whether the merchant has a price drop policy or not. This way you’re covered no matter where you shop.

3. Free shipping

Free is everyone’s friend and free shipping makes a deal that much sweeter. Many retailers offer free shipping during large sales and some will offer free shipping if your total amount is above a certain limit. Pro tip–If the merchant has a free return policy, fill your cart with a couple of things to get you the free shipping, then return the extra items.

4. Shop around

Shopping is a little bit of a courting game. For starters, never buy anything until you know exactly what you are getting. Take a look at similar items from other merchants, reviews from buyers or go to a store and take a look for yourself. Get to you know your purchase before you buy. If you still love it after making it jump through hoops, then put a ring on it – I mean ring it up!

5. Share it

Get back to the oldest marketing around, word of mouth! Some of the best deals and items are heard from by friends and family. Building your own shopping network can feel odd, but a great place to start is with yourself. Start sharing products you love or deals that are just too insane to pass up. Others will find it helpful and with any luck they do the same for you. Just like always, sharing is caring!