Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 08.13.17Get Peace of Mind on Your New Timepiece!

If you were lucky enough to get your hands on an Apple Watch, you just got luckier–Slice just released an Apple Watch app. Keeping watchful eye on your packages has a whole new meaning!

We designed the most elegant way to get all the information you need at all times. Seriously, we could go on forever with these watch puns.  But it’s time to get serious (did you catch that?).

Watch Features

  • Notifications for Shipped, Out for Delivery, and Delivered packages
  • At-a-glance summary of packages expected to be delivered today
  • Quick access to all in-progress shipments and expected delivery dates
  • In-depth information on each package, including which items are in the shipment and a map pinpointing the current package location and final delivery destination.
    Download it today!

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