We’re excited to announce the beta program of our newest feature for Slice users: Advanced Amazon Tracking, now available in our iOS  and Android apps!



 Before      After

                                             Before                                       After

One of the most beloved features of Slice is you get all your Amazon tracking details for your orders in our app. Slice’s secret sauce is our ability to extract all this valuable information from confirmation/receipt emails; but recently, Amazon removed these details from their email communication for some customers. So, this valuable information is now hiding behind a login, forcing people to click on the email, log in to the Amazon site, and then finally view the data on their purchases. As you can imagine, since this change occurred many users have requested to provide their credentials to Slice in order for us to obtain the tracking details and input to the app.

And we were happy to oblige!

Until today, our app would provide these customers with only a high-level delivery status (aka. Shipped, Out for Delivery, Delivered). It did not, however, include the package’s exact location, tracking history, or map.

With the Advanced Amazon Tracking feature enabled, this all changes – and it is automatic. We now have the ability to provide the full tracking history of each package; and all you need to do is enter your username and password once. Whenever a Slice app user receives an Amazon order or shipment confirmation email, they get the real tracking number with complete tracking history. Just the way you like it.

Get your packages back on track today! Download Advanced Amazon Tracking now with the Slice iOS and Android apps.