At this point, you know how much we love a good party… especially when we get to play dress-up. Well, this Saturday marks the 141st Kentucky Derby, which means big hats and Stepford Wives-esque dresses are in order. Obviously, we’re thrilled. Yes, the main event is a horse race with the best of the best racing to be called champion (our money’s on American Pharoah) – but clearly, the most important part are the festivities! I mean, when else can you pretend to be Scarlett O’Hara!

This is American Pharoah – looks like a champion, right?

Don’t have your Derby plans set yet? Good thing it’s only Wednesday and you have us. Here’s what you need to get ready – and be able to talk the talk with the best of ‘em come Saturday:

First thing’s first: get the gear. Whether you’re watching at home with the gang or actually going to a real Derby party, you want to look the part, right? SouthernLiving has all you need to know.

It all starts with the hats. If you don’t have one already (and why would you?), look no further than those geniuses at Etsy for some real, vintage options. Churchderbyhats – of course – also has some phenomenal options. For those perfectly adorable dresses, peek here at the Macy’s selection… because they actually have a “Derby” section. Smarties! In terms of the bags, shoes and jewelry, we’re pretty sure you already have some great options lying around in your closet. Remember, there’s really no such thing as too much.

Now comes the party planning. For those of you going to a party or the actual Derby, kudos! If not, the team putting together the event has everything you need to know. Take a look here and get started!

Regardless of where you’re celebrating, we can be sure there’ll be some betting going around. Look at the odds here and you’ll sound like the expert you’re not!

See? Wasn’t too hard, was it? Take a look at our Pinterest, chalk full of Derby inspiration. And be sure to tweet your Derby pictures to us over at @helloslice so we can see if you’re a Derby partying champion.