Whether you’re fighting or not, your siblings are (hopefully) your teammates and you’re stuck with them. This Buzzfeed video, titled “13 Things Only Siblings Understand” pretty much sums it all up.

If you’re on any form of social media, your feeds are swarming with pictures of your friends and their sibs, with funny inside jokes between them as captions. This can only mean one thing: National Siblings Day is upon us once again.

So to honor the day, why not take it one step further? Here are 5 ways to show ‘em you care:

  1. Cooking classes

If your brother or sister is a foodie, this is the perfect option. It’s not just for couples, we promise! And since Sur La Table is any amateur cook’s mecca, it is the perfect spot. Plus, this way, there’s no fighting over clean-up.


  1. Events

Want to do something fun that doesn’t involve cooking? Look no further than our last blog post, which lists the best events apps out there. Whatever they’re into, you’ll be sure to find something cool.


  1. Custom apparel

Your favorite inside joke, beautifully shown on a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or whatever they love to lounge in. Who doesn’t love being comfy?


  1. Canvas picture

Picture frames are so last year. Blow a picture of you two (or three or eight) up on a canvas! It comes with hangers, so there’s no work involved.


  1. Subscription box

The gift that keeps on giving, there’s a box for pretty much any interest.