It’s 8:00 PM on a Friday. The week is done and it’s time to celebrate! Now for the million-dollar question: what do you want to do? Whether you’re a local or newbie to a city, figuring out the answer is always a pain. If you’re a resident, you’re probably jaded and will end up going to the same spot you’ve been frequenting every week since forever. For visitors, you’ll spend two hours trying to find the perfect option that’s not too touristy but not the local dive bar, either. Regardless of your situation, meet your event planner and tour guide: your phone.

Enter the app store. We’ve gotten our hands dirty and found the top three activity-finding apps so you don’t have to. The best part? They’re all free.

  1. Sosh:

“Life’s too short to be bored” is the first thing you’ll see on their site, and we couldn’t agree more. Available in Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, DC, with Boston and LA coming soon, Sosh curates personalized recommendations to your interests. In addition, they employ some of the top culture icons in the country (acclaimed Thai restaurant Pok Pok owner Andy Ricker, for example) to tap into their favorite joints.


  1. Gravy:

Here, you can find the best events to do, wherever you are. Gravy will suggest events according do your current location and based on your mood (which you choose, obviously), all within walking distance. This is perfect for travelers, because it is not merely based in certain cities.


  1. Eventsions:

Eventsions finds events in your area based on both yours and your friends’ interests. The coolest thing here is that the events you choose can be added to your calendar, in addition to having the ability to purchase tickets for the activity and share information with your friends in the area. Events are broken down into more than 30 characters, so you’ll always find something you want.