Earth Day

Earth Day… Mother Nature’s New Year’s resolution. Beginning after the 1969 massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, CA, it has grown into the largest civic event in the world, celebrated by more than a billion people across the globe.

I’m certainly not the most sustainable human being – far from it – and it’s a problem. My issue, and I know I’m not alone here, is that I always thought it was just too hard to reduce my carbon footprint. Also, how could little me (five foot and all) make that big of a difference? This is the only time I will ever write something so cliché, but it’s true: one person CAN make a difference – it’s just your choice, which side to go on.

Did I yell at you enough? Sorry about that… clearly just did all my research to write this post. But enough of the scare tactics. As the laziest human I know, I searched high and low (sitting and surfing the net, of course) for the easiest, simplest ways to reduce my carbon footprint. Ladies and gentleman take note: if a twenty something with arthritis and a ten-hour sleep cycle can do it, you can too.

  1. Donate

I’ll start with an easy one… I mean, you don’t even have to leave your seat! The Earth Day Network is the hub of Earth Day, founded by the starters of the holiday. Do yourself a favor and donate to the foundation. Silver lining here? $30 bucks will get you a t-shirt!

  1. The Reusable Coffee (or water or soda or whatever) Mug

Baby steps. If you’re like me, you’re a coffee junkie. And let’s be honest – the routine of going to get that cup o’ joe is something most of us are not willing to give up. Don’t worry – you can keep this up! The only difference? Getting yourself a reusable cup. Our lovelies at The Guardian have come up with their top five… and we agree with all. Peek here. The baristas wherever you’re a devotee would be happy to help.

  1. Bike to Work

How often do you fill up the tank? Pretty often, most of us would say. Think about this: the average 10 mile round-trip commute 5 days a week for a year uses 124 gallons of gas and emits 1.3 tons of CO2 emissions. Crazy. Biking to work will save you both money and help the environment. Bonus? No need to go to the gym if you bike – it’ll replace your daily workout! And if you don’t want to spend the money on a bike, there are tons of bike shares in your city that are pretty low budget.


  1. Turn the Water Off When You Brush Your Teeth

Literally could not be easier, and it’ll save as much as 8 gallons of water a day. Guys, turn the water off when you shave, too!

  1. Unplug

My apartment has too many chargers and outlets used to count. Little known fact: they still use energy even if you’re not using them! Take the power cord out whenever you can and pat yourself on the back.

See? Not too hard, right?