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Redecorating your home is the perfect opportunity to break the rules. It’s the time to mix old and new, to combine patterns, to mismatch colors (but do keep a general thread running throughout for cohesion). Interior design is your design, your home, on your terms, and here at Slice we want to help you create the home of your dreams via online shopping. Let’s get to it!

Get creative! It all starts with an idea, a concept, a flash of inspiration. So before you get to buying (and using our nifty Slice app to track your purchases and notify you of price drops), have a look at our Pinterest for inspiration! Then, go on over to Houzz, which has millions of interior design images you can browse for innovative ways to update the look and feel of your home. And if you’re crunched for time, the site also has a free app for you to pour over photos on the go = couldn’t be easier!

Change the mood. Room got you feeling dreary? Altering your decorations might just be the key to a livelier or cozier home. If your goal is to save money, there are two main options: first, you can recycle items you already own, such as clothing accessories, to make your own decorations (or if you’re artistically inclined you might even opt to make your own wall art!). Lushome and Good Housekeeping have innovative suggestions on how to reuse items for decoration. You might also splurge on one timeless statement piece, like a couch or an area rug, that you won’t tire of. Overstock and Wayfair have the latter at relatively low prices.

Change the look. Paint your walls – it’s the easiest way to give the room you’re working with a striking update! Painting accent walls often gives vibrancy to an otherwise static room, and you can also choose to go all out and paint the entire wall for maximum impact. Check out The Krazy Coupon Lady’s tips on how to get cheap or even free paint, and before you buy, read HGTV’s advice on how to choose the right colors to liven up your home.

And if you can’t paint your walls – if you live in an apartment, say – worry not! You can still revamp your walls by using stick-ons. Wall decals are the perfect great way to update a room while having flexibility if you decide you no longer like the image on your wall – you can buy them at AllPosters, which often has flash sales of, for example, 40% off everything. Removable wallpaper tiles, as sold by Hygge & West, are like wall decals but often larger and with even greater presence, and together with tear-off wallpaper, as featured in Design Milk, you have plenty of options to consider.

Change it all! Is your home in need of a serious remodel? Perhaps you’ve just moved in to a new place and need to give the home some personality, to make it your own. If redecorating your home is not a priority, perhaps it’s not sensible to hire an interior designer, but if you are convinced that you want to switch up your living conditions, know that interior designers might not be as pricey as you think, as Better Homes and Gardens points out; get the scoop on hiring a designer over at SheKnows.

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