Award Ceremony

To entertain [en-ter-teyn]: to exercise hospitality; entertain company; provide entertainment for guests, aka my drug of choice. Why do so many of us love this activity? Freud could come up with thousands of ideas, but I’d say it has something to do with the satisfaction of knowing that we succeeded in making someone happy, thus WINNING.

So, what? Well, the Oscars (Academy Awards?) are this weekend – which means us amateur Entertainers get one of the biggest doses of our beloved prescription by hosting our very own Oscars parties at home. Want in on the action? Of course you do! Here’s how:

  1. The Guest List – think Superbowl. You want to invite just enough people that everyone will stay entertained (see what I did there?) and have a good seat. Unless you have floor cushions. Then invite everyone. Lastly, from one home event planner – send out online invitations. and are great.
  1. The Party Favors – go crazy. Set the mood for how you want your guests to be feeling throughout the night. A few ideas to get you started:
    1. Need a red carpet? Grab a ream of red construction paper (which you can find at any stationary store, Staples, Office Max… you get the drift). Staple two pieces side by side and keep going until it’s long enough to go from your front door to the couch. Done!
    2. Make it feel like the real thing. Your local party store has everything you need, like plastic Champagne flutes, mock china, and pseudo statues. Buy enough for everyone so each attendee gets an award.
    3. Who doesn’t like gift bags? While you’re at the party store, pick up whichever cellophane bag you like best (they’ll probably be in the birthday party aisle) – stop at your local CVS and pick up a variety pack of candy. Tada! Personalized gift bags!
  1. The Ballot – the fun part. Print out ballots for every guest and have them fill it out before the show starts, when everyone is oohing and aahing all the fashion at the preshow. At the end of the night, figure out who has the most correct predictions and give them an extra party favor! Printable ballots here:
  1. The Food – my favorite part. There are two routes to take here:
    1. Get fancy. Mr. Celebrity Chef himself, Wolfgang Puck will be catering the actual show and we just had to know what was on the menu so we could replicate. Foodies, listen up – here are the highlights:
      1. Smoked Salmon Oscars
      2. Chicken Pot Pie with shaved black truffles
      3. Mini American Wagyu Burgers with Aged Cheddar
      4. 24 Karat Gold Chocolate Oscars
    2. Potluck, anyone? Don’t think of this as the easy way out – you’re doing all of the hosting! Make one spectacular dish, tell your guests and let them bring the rest. A good rule of thumb here is to think finger food. Here are some decadently easy show-stoppers:
      1. Salmon Tartare –
      2. Lasagna Rolls –
      3. Quiche –
  1. The Drinks – I mean, you obviously need themed cocktails, right? Our friends over at came up with a phenomenal list of cocktails in honor of the Best Picture nominees… take a peek here:
  1. The Fashion – how exciting! If you love an excuse to get dressed up, this is your chance to shine. Procrastinators, take note – if you still haven’t found that Oscar-worthy gown yet, here are some options offering quick shipping:
    1. Tobi – This site is only for women (sorry, boys!) The main perk here is their offer of 50% off your first order. In terms of sending, standard shipping is always free which is nice, but for your Oscar dress, expedited shipping (1-2 business days) is $25.
    2. Revolve – Who doesn’t like 10% off for their first purchase? Both ground and 2-3 day priority shipping is free for your first item, which is always nice.
    3. Shopbop – In the mood to splurge? This option is for you. Though the options are pricier, the items are GORGEOUS. These guys offer free ground shipping, $10 two-day, $25 next-day, and $30 next-day-Saturday.

And there it is. Your Oscar’s party tool kit. Let us know how it goes!