Great outfits are good motivation to stick to your workout.
Great outfits are good motivation to stick to your workout.

Resolution check in! We all know part of the incentive to commit to a new gym routine is getting new OUTFITS! So where to go to find chic yet affordable workout clothes? Here at Slice we’ve scoured far and wide to bring you the hottest tips and finds – and we’ll also track your packages when you buy so you know just how soon you can expect to stun at the gym!

Fashion and comfort can go hand in hand. What you want from workout clothes is something that will support you, that will carry you through your workout smoothly. But you also want to look pulled together. Kitbag has chic, brand-name options on sale, and Old Navy has clothing between $10 and $25 – plus, they seem to always be running a promotion to cut your costs. Mod Deals, which is offering a 20% discount if you join their mailing list, has jackets, pants, and shorts all for under $10 – even though these clothes are not brand-name, generic and cheaper doesn’t mean the items compromise quality. Sweat your clothes, not your wallet!

Say no to throwaways. It may seem tempting: surely there’s no need to shell out the big bucks when you’re going to sweat out the clothes anyway! Pro tip: don’t waste your money on expensive throwaway pieces, on items that just ‘will do’ (i.e. those cheap leggings that sadly lose their great fit upon first wear) or that you will only wear on occasion. Instead, aim for cheaper and long-lasting. For example, on eBay you can find an amazing array of inexpensive but high quality options, and Kohl’s carries brand-name clothes, offers free shipping, and always has rewards you can to (sometimes heavily) reduce your cost.

This being said: If you have a simple, old, baggy t-shirt laying around that you don’t mind cutting up, check out Blogilates’ tutorial and you’ll niftily have yourself like new, free workout tops!

Aim for versatility. Ballet, triathlon, rock climbing, tennis…the list of appealing sports and corresponding amazing outfits is endless. With so many activities to try, it can be easy to fall for buying sport-specific clothes. But unless you are fully committed to one sport, aim to purchase clothes that work in a variety of situations. Bonus points if your new gym clothes double as leisurewear!

And before deciding on your new clothes, have a look at Healthways Fit’s short guide to shopping efficiently for gym clothes: your body will thank you for buying proper and supportive workout wear.