Keeping New Year's Resolutions just got easier. thank you, Internet.
Keeping New Year’s Resolutions just got easier. Thank you, Internet.

We’re all too familiar with how it goes: resolution is made, resolution is broken all too soon (day after, anyone?). Resolutions are just so much…work. But they needn’t be. How great would it be to start off the year knowing you’ll keep all your resolutions for good? Read on for our list of the top apps out there for keeping resolutions alive well after January and start 2015 off right!

If your resolution is to…

Budget your spending better

  • Use Slice. Your favorite companion is the top budgeting tool for the New Year. By using Slice, you can keep track of price drops, which will save you money in the long run. We will also keep you on the DL about product recalls, so you can spend only on items you will actually be able to safely use.
  • Use Mint. The app (you can sign up for free) allows you to pay all your bills with ‘Mint Bills,’ meaning all your spending is localized to one place. No more scattered spending!

Lose weight…

  • Use Lose It! This free app boasts of 36 million users and will customize a weight loss plan for you. Simple and hassle free, the app works by tracking calories and establishing a peer support network.
  • Speaking of peer support…Ace Fitness explains the different ways that social support is great motivation for exercise. After you read, download the app Pump Up, which provides users with an inspiring community focused on fitness and wellness.
  • If you’re looking to eat healthier, consider subscribing to Calorie Manager, which allows users to track not only the caloric content of food but also other nutritional properties.

Stress less…

  • For all the good it does, the Internet can be a stressful tool. Email clutter can actually turn disruptive IRL; virtual organization is important too. Use With this app, you can clearly see all of your email subscriptions, delete the ones you no longer want, combine the subscriptions you love into a single digest, and have said digest show up only once per day.
  • Meditation can be helpful and calming after a stressful day. The Huffington Post has compiled a list of the best meditation apps out there that you can use even when you only have a few minutes to spare.