halloween postHalloween is right around the corner! But are more scared about how much you will wind up spending on a costume than thrilled about having a terrific time? We get it – unless Halloween is you favorite holiday of the year and you prepare for it months in advance, you probably are nonchalant about the date and just want to have a fun time – not cash in big-time for a costume you will only wear once. So over here at Slice, where you can track your packages and be notified of price drops, we have put together a list of tips and websites you can use to look fabulously spooky at a reasonable price (or for free!).

A costume is a must. After all, what’s Halloween if not an opportunity to get all decked out in outrageous clothes? But it is easy to go overboard on spending – a recent study calculates that Americans will spend $11.3 billion in total in preparing for Halloween this year. So keep your budget to a minimum by buying costumes from discount stores like Costume Discounters, which has a clearance section replete with affordable outfits, or Spirit Halloween, which offers a 20% coupon when you join their mailing list. And get inspired with posts like PopSugar’s list of DIY costumes or Slice’s very own Pinterest!

Get creative – design your own costume! Making your own costume will be more time-consuming if you choose to actually buy materials from craft stores like Michaels or Factory Direct, but imagine how rewarding it will be to know you have the only costume of your kind! When putting together your costume, if possible, buy items that you can re-use in other occasions. Websites like thredUP or ASOS sell affordable, sometimes Halloween-specific items that you could incorporate into your Halloween look but also into your everyday style.

Make do with what you already have. Real Simple and Her Campus have suggestions for costumes you can make with items you already have in your closet. The more you dare to go beyond the expected, typical costumes, the more fun you’re guaranteed to have!

Want to amp up the creepy factor? Complement costumes by using makeup to your advantage. Check out Buzzfeed’s list of uber-creepy, realistic looks to try out this year. As for where to buy the makeup, you have a few options: Halloween-specific stores like Halloween Express or Mehron sell kits you can use if you have a popular costume in mind, and regular makeup stores have options which multitask and are useful not only for Halloween but for other events. Not sure how to do your makeup for this night? Consider asking the pros at Sephora’s beauty studio for tips and for a mini-makeover!

What will you be wearing? Let us know – we’d love to hear!