Halloween is right around the corner– we’re counting the days here at Slice (15, in case you were wondering)! While some people have been planning since last year, we know a lot of you are still looking for that perfect idea, so let us inspire you with this week’s hottest costumes that online shoppers can’t get enough of:

Halloween is All Frozen Over

Halloween Freezes Over: Frozen costumes are among all revelers - not just the kids
Halloween freezes over: Frozen costumes are popular among all revelers – not just the kids

Frozen costumes aren’t just for Disneyland trips and sing-a-long viewings – Frozen-themed costumes are this year’s go-to for everyone. Ice queen Elsa is, by far, the number-one costume for little girls (fully one-third) and grown women (41 percent, to be exact) alike, guaranteeing you’ll be seeing plenty of little girls trick-or-treating in sparkly blue and ladies rocking dramatic dresses.  The best Elsa accessory? An Olaf to match! Yep,  Olaf is one of the top baby costumes for this holiday, for all the moms who just can’t “let it go!” quite yet.

Fanboys Forever

Fanboy fantasy: half of all men's costumes are superheroes
Fanboy fantasy: half of all men’s costumes are superheroes

Whether animated (think Buzz Light Year) or a member of the Avengers squad, every boy wants to grow up to be a superhero. And this Halloween is no different – more than half of all the most popular men’s costumes are caped crusaders. Of the top Halloween costumes purchased by men this year, superheroes dominated the list with Batman, Spiderman, Superman and Captain America leading the charge for guys playing out childhood fantasies.

Mutt-squerade: Costumes Go to the Dogs

Happy Howl-ween! Why should humans have all the fun?
Happy Howl-oween! Dinosaurs, lions and Batman are the top canine costumes.

You can’t have a happy Howl-oween without your best friend, right? When it comes to canine costumes, dressing your pup as another animal is the most popular choice among online shoppers, with dinosaur and lion costumes leading the pack. Also in the mix: Batman and princess costumes, just like their owners. Aww!

Stay tuned for next week’s trending costumes! Will Elsa and the Fanboys continue to rule the Halloween world?