IFTTT, TheFind and Trov join as inaugural API partners; applying largest, most comprehensive set of online purchase data anywhere to customer offerings

Palo Alto, CA—September 11, 2014—Slice, the company known for its eponymous shopping app that makes online shopping smarter by extracting and organizing valuable online shopping data from e-receipts, has today opened its API to web publishers. Inaugural Slice Platform customers IFTTT, TheFind and Trov gain access to relevant Purchase Graph insights, detailing rich data about anonymous, aggregate buying patterns across merchants and categories – at a level that far exceeds any existing data set.

“How people buy says a lot about them, so the Purchase Graph is a highly strategic asset,” explained Harpinder Singh, Slice’s co-founder and vice president, product. “Giving developers access allows them to offer the highest level of personalization and innovation, fundamentally transforming their online offerings. The possibilities of how they’ll do so are as endless as the data itself, and we love the variety of creative use cases that we have seen so far.”

Slice’s proprietary technology unboxes all the data in e-receipts and makes it actionable for consumers and partners alike. Originally developed at Stanford, Slice’s machine-learning technology automatically identifies e-receipts within inboxes and creates Purchase Graph readings of relevant details across more than two million merchants, from as far back as 2006.

The Purchase Graph is never tied to individual consumers’ identity, but the new Slice API lets web publishers build new features and functionalities based on a visitor’s Online Purchase Profile, using the largest, most comprehensive set of online purchase data anywhere.

TheFind Finds More Precise Offers

TheFind, the largest ecommerce search engine in North America, will now serve up search results that can be further personalized using the shopper’s online purchase history that is stored in their email account.

“The Slice API gives a big data makeover, with very little heavy lifting,” said Ramneek Bhasin, mobile GM and VP product at TheFind. “Leveraging this valuable data set let us deliver a personalized experience that is far superior to what our users find elsewhere. As a result, we see higher levels of engagement and repeat visits.”

IFTTT Discovers a Magic Ingredient

IFTTT, which helps people simplify their lives by automating a variety of tasks, taps Slice’s package tracking capabilities and delivery notifications. Using Slice, IFTTT automatically creates a Google calendar event when a delivery is expected, and notifies customers when the package has been delivered.

“The Slice Channel on IFTTT helps us solve an annoying problem for many online shoppers — keeping track of their online purchases and packages. Now you can follow your latest purchase from the warehouse to your front door!” said Linden Tibbets, CEO at IFTTT.

Here are some great recipes for the Slice app!

Trov Taps New Revenue Streams

Trov, an app that helps people collect and value the things they own, uses the Slice Platform to automatically add people’s purchases to their Trov through email receipts. With that information, Trov surfaces insights for users and connects them to unique opportunities, such as selling and insuring.

“For people to really benefit from the information about their things, collecting this data must be ridiculously easy,” said Scott Walchek, founder of Trov. “Integrating with the Slice API helps us a lot, as we can now automatically fill up people’s Trovs with their purchases – ultimately providing them with more value.”

The Slice API is available to any web publisher who can easily integrate item-level purchase data to build new products and services. As customers, their development decisions are informed by the wealth of personalized information gleaned from e-receipts, including spot-on recommendations from nearly every retailer, shipping notifications, recalls, and item-level details to enhance banking and financial services offers. All Slice data is safely obtained and personally identifiable information is securely protected. Developers can sign up for the Slice API at http://developer.slice.com.

About Slice
Slice is online shopping, smarter. Slice’s technology automatically identifies e-receipts within inboxes and extracts every data point about every purchase to create digital commerce products that delight consumers and create business value for partners. 
Slice is transforming online shopping and retail by unveiling never-before-seen digital commerce data via its APIs, information products and consumer applications. The company has processed more than 175 million items to date for a total purchase value of over $4 billion.

Based in Palo Alto, CA, Slice is an independent, wholly-owned subsidiary of Rakuten. To learn more about Slice, visit www.slice.com.