Slice gets a snappy new update to compliment the newest iPhone release – iPhone 6! You’ll receive the same great visuals for all of iPhone 6 sizes, including iPhone 6 Plus. We’re taking advantage of the newest iPhone 6 features and functionality. Here is what you can expect in Slice 5.4!

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The Slice widget is a brilliant way to easily check up your items our packages. After you’ve added the Slice widget, just pull down on your notifications menu. The widget lets you know what has been delivered, shipped or anything you have pinned in the Slice app. Allowing you to get a quick glance at your items and packages when you don’t have time to open the app.

Interactive Notifications 


Slice notifications allow you to do more with less. Notifications bring you directly to your item or package it references, it will even bring you directly to your price drop. You can also mark your package as delivered straight from the notification itself. Hassle free management is just a few taps away.

Touch Id


Security is a big deal at Slice but so is simplicity. Now you can have both with Touch ID! Just swipe your thumb across the home button and your Slice account will open.  As long as your thumbs are secure, so is your Slice account!

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