Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 2.27.25 PMYour bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s what you long for when your head aches and when people are too much to handle. It’s where you return to after a long, gruelling day, to be rejuvenated by the comforts of familiarity and privacy. The bedroom is also the first environment you encounter. It’s where you warm up before taking on another day of life, and we all know how important preparing for success is. It is for these reasons that the bedroom must be a place of inspiration, comfort and most of all happiness. Don’t you just want to walk into your room and go, “ahh”? Well, we do! And we want to do it for cheap too, because there’s no sense in breaking bank when a DIY version already exists. We present you with a carefully crafted list of ideas to help you transform your bedroom into a heavenly oasis you’ll never want to leave (but should)!

One of several beautiful tapestries from TrippyStore.

Landlord won’t let you paint the walls? Tapestries are your best friends. They take up lots of wall space with one step, while instantly setting the vibe of your room. You can hang a tapestry on the wall or make a headboard that drapes over your bed. The best way to secure a tapestry without damage is by using command hooks, which you can find at Target, Kmart, craft stores, CVS, etc. You can find big tapestries at TrippyStore for cheap, while Urban’s are creative but pricier.

Awesome chalkboard ideas!
Awesome chalkboard ideas!

You’ve probably heard of chalkboard paint, but you probably haven’t heard of its gazillion different uses. You can paint an entire wall, the side of a desk, your drawers to label them, a patch of the wall for a calendar or greeting sign, or frame it for decorative purposes. If black is too dark for you, it comes in all colors of the rainbow courtesy of Benjamin Moore! You can find inexpensive black paint from Amazon, too, in either a jar or spray on form. Creating a chalkboard masterpiece is ridiculously simple–use a brush or roller and it sticks to just about any surface. But if you’re painting over something glossy, be sure to use sandpaper so the paint will stick.

flower chains
A lovely display to wake up to!

Our next idea is a stunner, but you’ve got to work for it. If you have smaller open spaces near your bed or around your room, this display is perfect for you. Flower chains will add a beautiful, girly touch to your room and trust us, you will get compliments on it! Essentially, a flower chain is created by hanging fishing wire with colorful fake flowers strung onto it. To see what it looks like and how to make it, click here.

Twinkle lights from Urban!
Layer lights and tapestry to give your room a soft glow.

So it’s just getting dark, you’re tired and you’ve retreated to your room. The bright overhead light just isn’t doing it for you, but you still want to see. Bam! String lights! They add a warm bohemian vibe to your cave while providing the perfect amount of light. You can string them around your bedframe, curtain rod, window, or where the wall meets the ceiling. Here’s a tip: hang them behind your tapestry to illuminate the fabric and disperse the light. They’re inexpensive, too. You can find generic ones at Ikea, or if you’re feeling artsy check out the collection at Etsy.

Wall frames and washi tape make an attractive couple.

Tapestries not your thing? Design a frame wall with pictures, posters, and your favorite images. Once again, Ikea comes in clutch with its cheap frames and you can find awesome posters at