Saving money while shopping is as easy as spoiling  this guy!
Saving money while shopping can be as easy as spoiling this guy!

Having a pet usually goes hand in hand with wanting to pamper them to no end. But all that gear can get pricey! Really, the internet is the best thing to happen to shopping and pet supplies are no exception. For animals ranging from dogs to cats to the exotic, we’ve compiled a list of tips and websites you can use to spoil your beloved companion for less.

Coupon away! Surviving the Stores writes a weekly round-up of pet coupons for dogs, cats, and other animals. Each weekly round-up also features pet store coupons and freebies – among this week’s options you can find a sample of Fancy Feast broths and a free Pet Safety pack. You can also search My Pet Savings for coupons on food, toys…you name it!

Vary where you shop. Different sites will offer coupons for first-time customers who sign up for mailing lists – since most coupons are one-time only, we suggest you try a different site each time you need to make a purchase. is currently offering $10 off pet food when you spend $30 or more as well as reusable 15% off coupon on almost all other things. On this site you can also order medication – they will contact your preferred veterinarian, then ship the items to your door, saving you travel time and gas money.

Petsmart also offers a variety of coupons – $5, $10, or $15 depending on how much you spend. And when you join Petco’s mailing list, you will get a 20% discount on your next purchase.

Have a cat? Make your own toys. Cat toys are getting more innovative by the day. But while buying cat toys can be a good option and can keep your cat entertained for hours (you can find great options on Amazon or Overstock), cats also tend to overgrow these items pretty quickly, especially if they are young. But fear not—it’s easy and fun to make your own! The simplest materials will work – yarn, aluminum foil crinkled into a ball, boxes with cut-outs…the options are endless! Just make sure to put the items away when play time’s over to keep your kitty safe.