Source: SumAll


When you shop can make as great a difference in the price you pay as where you shop. Did you know there are both best months and best days to score savings? We didn’t! So, we’ve put together a simple and handy savings timeline based on recent research to help you shop online, smarter.

Avoid: Summer. With the exception of holidays like Memorial Day or Fourth of July, the summer months, especially July, are slow in terms of shopping discounts. If you can, skip Spring as well (except for the season’s deals on electronics).

Shop! For greatest savings, fall and winter are the seasons to shop. E-commerce trends have been stable over the past few years, and SumAll, a data analytics company, has made an accurate info-graphic detailing the best times to shop online. The company gathers that November, with holidays like Thanksgiving and Veteran’s Day, as well as with Black Friday, is the month when retailers offer the steepest discounts. January is the second best month to shop at discounted prices. And in between, mark your calendars for Cyber Monday on December 1 and for Free Shipping Day, which takes place on December 18.

Weekdays make a difference, too: The best days to shop online are Tuesdays (especially for men’s apparel) and Thursdays (when retailers start to reveal their weekend deals).

What are you buying? The optimal time to buy also depends on what it is that you’re buying. Check out Lifehacker’s 2014 guide to what to buy when.

There are sites with items on sale any time, any day, but if you can put off a purchase until the optimal discount times we outline, all the more you can save! A suggestion: make a plan synced up to a budget at the start of the year and time your purchases so you don’t overspend. And save even more by using our real-time price drop feed – sign up today!