Choosing what to wear to work can sometimes seem like, well, all work, no play, what with varying restrictions and limitations. But dressing appropriately for work shouldn’t equate to risking or abandoning your personal style. We want to help you make work-wear fun, an extension and reflection of your everyday style, so read on for our workwear tips. And remember, Slice has your back with package tracking and price drop notifications when you are ready to make a new addition to your wardrobe!

The goal: You want to look cool and modern but also polished and professional – and yes, the descriptions are compatible! Dressing for work does not mean abandoning your personal style, be it feminine, androgynous, or anywhere in between, and it certainly does not mean throwing caution to the wind where money is concerned. We suggest splurging on the basics (or better yet, finding basics that will last you years on the cheap) and complementing your look with interchangeable accessories.

The splurges are well worth it… A classic, timeless blazer or power suit that will last you years is a quality investment. Utility is key, so think of the options – could you wear the item to an interview, a meeting, a presentation, or as an everyday staple? The item needn’t satisfy all of the above, but the more chameleonic the item is, the better (though sometimes a splurge is just that: a splurge. If you wear the item once but you feel at your best in it, then so be it!). A little tip: to decide if the cost is too high, do a simple calculation – divide the price by an estimate of how many times you will wear the item so you can more easily decide if it’s a worthy purchase.

…but bargains work too: Say you find a great second-hand or off-the-rack trouser, skirt, or top. Tailoring can make these items seem brand-new and chic as ever. Check out Target, H&M, or DressLink for cheap alternatives. Your thousand dollar suit for a hundred is out there!

It’s all in the details. Company standards often dictate limitations on what you can and cannot wear, but there is often more room than you think to experiment with your style within said boundaries. A bag that multitasks, a good pair of shoes (and not necessarily heels – if you’re not comfortable, it will be noticeable, so stick to what works best for you), a silk scarf, jewelry – all are non-intrusive ways of infusing your look with more personality and of switching up your basic wardrobe or uniform.

Gather inspiration. Have a look at work-wear galleries on websites like Marie Claire, Real Simple or Harper’s Bazaar. You can also check out Slice’s own workwear Pinterest page for inspiration.