When shopping online for yourself, it’s easy to shrug off packaging. But when delivering a present for someone else, you want to wow the gift recipient. We could even go as far as saying a gift is an extension of yourself, something the recipient will think of you by, so standing out is a good goal (no pressure!). We’ve put together a…ahem… WRAP UP  of crafty packaging ideas and tips you can use to liven up any present.

Get creative! You already know Gift Wrapping 101 (and if you’re not certain of how to wrap a gift, Spoonful has a handy guide to the basics), but this year you want to spice things up, to make packaging fun, a part of the gift itself. Getting a gift that is wrapped in an original way indicates extra care and attention from the gift-giver. Plus, how fun is it to unwrap a package that is not the average paper and bow found at the drugstore? Here are some online finds to make your package stand out:

  • Want to skip the wrapping paper? Some eco-friendly, reusable alternatives to enclose your item include using a small burlap bag (see options on Amazon) or a handmade paper bag (see World Market).
  • To decorate a gift box, you can make an origami flower – it’s easy, and all you need is colorful paper (we get ours from Paper Jade).
  • Washi tape, decorative masking tape originating from Japan which you can use to seal or adorn a package, is getting major recognition on DIY blogs lately. Check out some options on Etsy and skim this Buzzfeed post on creative uses of the medium (not only limited to gift-wrapping)!
  • Going a more traditional, non- DIY route? You can still imbue your package with originality – shopping online is an advantage, and The Container Store and Zazzle have cute gift packaging options that are not just  seasonal or limited to major holidays.

Personalize it. Incorporate their interests into the wrapping itself.  If that person is, say, a movie lover, why not find wrapping paper with an illustration of their favorite movie or hot glue a small trinket of movie memorabilia on top of the box?

On a budget? Repurpose! Gift wrapping materials can get expensive quickly, so reuse what you can. If you read the newspaper, consider using some pages as gift wrap. Have artificial flowers you’ve grown tired of? Cut off the stem and decorate the gift box. Or perhaps you have an old brooch laying around that you have no use for anymore and you know your recipient adores accessories – glue it on and your gift will make a statement! Plus, you get to save the environment along the way. Win/win!

Think long term. Can you incorporate something into your gift wrapping that your acquaintance will be able to use at some point? For example, ReUseIt has reusable gift wrap your gift recipient will adore you for when it’s their turn to give presents. A double gift!

As for the packages you order online…Say you’re on a timeline and just want to order a present online and send it directly to someone, or maybe you’re just waiting for those wrapping materials to get to you. At Slice we eliminate the dreaded cyber-silence – the days (or maybe even the week or two) when you are out of the loop regarding where the package is or when the person might receive it – that often comes after pressing “buy.” We have your back and make sure you know where your orders are at all times so your online shopping experience, rather than being a rollercoaster of the excitement of a purchase followed by a void, is more controlled.