Shopping for beauty products can sound like an ugly chore—but it doesn’t have to be. Our editors put together the essential tips to make shopping for cosmetics and fragrances online a flawless experience.

Why buy beauty products online? You can certainly buy beauty products from stores where you have previously shopped.. However, beauty-specific coupons for more upscale retailers like Nordstrom or Macy’s are harder to find than a cult Chanel nail color. . So why not give a go to websites that offer free shipping and a variety of coupons, like, QVC, or Beauty Encounter?Added bonus: perfume tends to be cheaper when bought from online-only retailers – just use trusted sites like Perfumania, FragranceNet, or FragranceX to make sure you don’t get scammed.

Buying makeup online doesn’t have to be a blind guess. The fact that your skin has unique needs is not lost on the beauty experts at your favorite retailers, who will usually have an advice category (or 10!). Renowned brands like Clinique and MAC Cosmetics post fun, helpful videos on their YouTube channels that give you tips on makeup application and explain how to achieve certain looks, while guiding you in the right direction for choosing a product online depending on factors like skin type or desired effect.

If only computers were scratch and sniff…The safest bet is to buy perfume you have already smelled. But say there is perfume that is only available online or from international retailers. How should you go about choosing a scent without actually smelling it? The main tip is to know your scent notes. Read the perfume description closely for ingredients. Or, you can look up the perfume you want on Fragantica , which postsa pyramid of top, middle and base notes, and members will comment using perfume lingo. You can brush up on the vocab with Fragantica’s comprehensive guide or with Bois de Jasmin’s A-Z.

Follow beauty blogs. There are zillions of beauty blogs – perhaps you even have one of your own! Everyone seems to have tips, inspiration, answers to common (and not-so-common) questions and even the occasional freebie. BeautyHigh has composed a list of the best 50 beauty blogs out there. We know time is of the essence, but a quick scour of these blogs until you find “the one” will save you hours in the future – guaranteed!

Know the perks! Beauty-specific companies like Sephora and ULTA offer perks, often in the form of sample or travel sized products, to members of their rewards team on a points-based system. We also love that both of these retailers send you a birthday gift when you join as a member regardless of the number of points you have accumulated.

Use Slice to keep track of the small but expensive beauty items you buy – you’ll be updated on the tracking of your purchases, and if any of the prices on the products you buy change, you’ll know thanks to our Price Drop Alerts. Now go and enjoy looking and feeling ravishing in that new makeup, you stunner!