Father’s Day is right around the corner! Are you ready?

We know. Dads are IMPOSSIBLE to buy for. Many have everything they want. Others will tell you to not spend money on them. This gift guide will provide inspiration for any kind of dad–whether he’s the sporty/outdoorsy type, the gourmet, a geek or a dapper dad–at a variety of price points, including those high in sentimental value.

Sporty/Outdoorsy Dad

This type of dad can be deceptively hard to buy for. Of course there is a never-ending supply of fan memorabilia for his favorite sports teams and gear to accompany him on his outdoor adventure, but we know, he’s picky. Or he already seems to have bought EVERYTHING. Here are a few suggestions that might surprise him.

World Cup Jersey: The biggest sporting event in the world will kick off just before Father’s Day, so why not help him get into the spirit with a USA jersey? Even if he’s not a big soccer fan, it’s a great way to show support for Team USA, and this year’s design will also be a new outfit option for the Fourth of July. Head over to nike.com for the full selection of World Cup gear.

Thermarest Trekker Chair Kit: For dads who camp, there’s nothing sweeter than a comfy place to rest around the campfire after a day on the trails. But packing additional seating adds weight and takes up space, so they are often foregone. No longer. Thermarest has a genius solution that utilizes something you already packed (and takes up a fair amount of room)–the sleeping pad–and converts it into a comfortable, low-profile chair without creating additional bulk or weight.

Mophie Powerstation: Even if your dad isn’t big on gadgets, chances are he has a smartphone that he likes to use for taking pictures and getting maps while out in nature. And, smartphones have a bad habit of running out of juice when you really need them. Mophie makes a small, lightweight device that will fully charge any USB device  and will last for days on a charge, making it a great asset for any trip, or even a long day of meetings. For bonus points, you can even get it engraved.

Sentimental gift: Take him on a father’s day hike.

Geeky Dad

Geeks come in all flavors, so we are willing to bet your dad’s a  pretty eclectic guy, with a mightily eclectic entourage of electronics and gizmos.

Ghostbusters Legos: To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the movie Ghostbusters, Lego has created a super-cool set depicting the fearless team and the Ecto-1 car. Let’s face it–boys of all ages love Legos, and he will love working on this project with you. Once assembled, it will be a fun conversation piece for his desk at the office.

Marshall Headphones: Most people these days need a decent set of headphones, for either commuting, working in an open office environment or for passing time in the airplane. But a good pair  that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars is hard to find. Also, we know most dads might be put off by flashier models that make him look like a hip-hop mogul. For him, we like the headphones build by legendary audio equipment maker, Marshall, whose quality designs are a timeless classic, just like your dad.

Booq Backpack: This is the pack that delivers the goods, particularly for the gadget-obsessed. Designed to carry a laptop and brimming with pockets to carry and protect all of his devices, cables and lord-knows-what-else, Booq creates high-quality, durable backpacks that are easy on the back, with tons of ergonomic extras. We also think they look great.

Sentimental Gift: Friend him on Facebook, already.

Gourmet Dad

Thanks to the Food Network, everyone is an aspiring chef these days, and good old Dad is no exception. But in summertime, Dad’s domain moves from the kitchen to the patio, where he transforms into the Grill King. Here’s how you can become His Majesty’s favorite subject.

iGrill: Gourmet Dad is always cooking up something, an those frequent trips to the BBQ to check on the doneness of his latest creation takes him away from the people he loves spending time with. The iGrill is a wireless thermometer that talks to dad’s iPhone using Bluetooth, so he can keep up with his roast as well as the conversation at the party.

BBQ Bible: Barbecue aficionados swear by this award-winning, best-selling guide+cookbook, with more than 500 recipes from around the world. Written by grilling guru Steven Raichlen, this gift comes with the added bonus that dad will insist of trying these amazing recipes on you.

Wustof Classic Knife: Every cook needs a nice chef’s knife, and no chef can have too many. We like the quality, weight and timeless design of the Wustof Classic. We also appreciate how its hollowed-out blade gently nudges what’s being chopped off the blade.  It’s destined to be dad’s favorite.

Sentimental Gift: Ask him to show you how to make one of his famous recipes.

Fashionable Father

While most of your friends are complaining about their dads’ penchant for wearing white tube socks and dad jeans from Costco, you’re answering texts from your dad about moisturizers and the latest flash sale on Gilt. As enviable as a fashionable father is, he is a challenge to buy for–expensive taste and his own particular style.  These gifts are sure to impress.

Jack Black Supreme Cream Shaving Cream: For the dad who likes to take good care of himself and look good doing it, the Jack Black line of shaving products is the creme de la cream. A luxurious texture and light, pleasant fragrance will make this daily chore that much more enjoyable, without the nasty additives and preservatives that you’ll find in the stuff you get from the drugstore.

Rock in Fashion, a Book by John Varvatos: People with style are inspired by people with a style of their own, and designer John Varvatos is known for marching to the beat of a different drummer (specifically: punk rock). In his book, Rock in Fashion, Varvatos illustrates how Rock ‘n Roll has influenced his designs and fashion overall, and includes beautiful photography featuring rock musicians, some from his ad campaigns and others from his personal collection.

Paul Smith socks: It’s a shame, but even the most fashionable people will miss out in the opportunity to accessorize with socks. Paul Smith is known for his classic, at times whimsical designs and these socks are a fun way to dress up any outfit, with class.

Sentimental Gift: Write him a Father’s day card that explains what he taught you about finding your own style.