From poor product design to dangerous bacterial contamination, the list of necessary product recalls is staggering.
Since 1972, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has been responsible for issuing recalls when there is a potentially harmful defect in a product (from cribs to trucks). For example, when reports started coming in of children losing fingers due to a stroller malfunction, the CPSC investigated. They found nine models of Maclaren strollers sold in Target and Babies “R” Us had a dangerous hinge design capable of slicing off tiny fingers.

Over the years, the CPSC has alerted the public of many risky products. Recently the agency recalled 30,000 boxes of Special K Red Berries cereal due to glass fragments and took Nesquick chocolate powder off the shelves because of potentially life-threatening salmonella contamination. In 2012 alone there were approximately 77,900 product-related injuries reported for children under the age of five.

However, unless there are serious injuries or deaths, a recall may not make the front page, and parents may continue to use life-threatening products without knowing the risks. Consumers need the right tools to keep their homes safe and reduce their family’s exposure.

The CPSC offers information online for all types of recalls, including food, cosmetics and toys. The ~Slice app puts recall information right at your fingertips.
~Slice integrates with the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s feed and matches it against purchases you make. With ~Slice, you’ll know immediately if there is a recall, since we know it’s not always convenient to stop and look up safety information for every item you purchase.

~Slice is the front line of defense for people who want to improve home safety for their families. (In addition to recalls, ~Slice scouts for price drops on items you purchased online to help you get refunds and save money for your family).

Slice is one of a number of tools consumers can use to rid their homes of dangerous products.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission maintains pages on all the leading social media sites as well. Between using apps like ~Slice to monitor purchases, following recalls through social media and watching the news, consumers have a comprehensive platform to alert them to potential risks in their homes.

The information about product recalls is out there, you just need the right tools to access it.