It’s crunch time for tax filing!  Are you planning to take advantage of tax deductions on your purchases this year, but find yourself scratching your head on exactly how much you spent?  Here’s a tip that could make this process a snap.

  • In the Web version of Slice, go to the Purchase History tab.

  • Narrow down your results by using our filters: keyword search, order date selection and other filters such as categories and merchants.  Books, Office Products, Payments, Software and Mobile Apps, Tickets & Events, Travel, Electronics & Accessories are categories that are popular for deductions.

  • Once you’ve found the items you’re looking for, simply click on the “Export all <x> items” link on the upper right hand corner of the page below the search box.  You’ll get a csv download of all the items!

Hope this will save you some time and get you some bigger savings this tax season!