This morning, the team at Microsoft announced some pretty cool things that are great for Slice users. This impacts any existing or prospective Slice user who uses an, Hotmail, Live, or MSN email. (These are all now known as accounts, so Microsoft tells us.)Slice tracks what you buy from purchase to delivery... and beyond

So if you use (including Hotmail! Had to say it! It was my very first email address and I’m loyal like that), well, how does IMAP support affect you when it comes to Slice? First you need to answer the following question (don’t worry, it’s an easy one):

Have you linked your mailbox to your Slice account yet?

(Hint: It’s a YES/NO question)

NO, not yet: Good news! Whether you’re brand new to Slice or whether you’re simply adding a new (to us) mail account to your existing Slice account, linking your mailbox is easier and more secure than ever (using oAuth, if that term means anything to you).

YES, I have: Also good news! (What? Did you think we’d deliver bad news to you, our loyal users?) If you’ve already got your account(s) hooked up to Slice and it’s working fine, then no need to do anything.

If, however, you find that the app is running a bit too slowly for you, or you put your e-receipts in email folders (where previously we couldn’t find them, but now we can), then you might want to de-link and re-link your account with your Slice account in order to take advantage of the new technology. You can do this in your Settings on our website,

You’ll also want to use if you’ve got an existing Slice account and want to add a new email address to that account. (Did you know you can add up to 5 email addresses to a single Slice account? Handy!)

Important notice for Android and iPhone users

All this new & improved technology will be on our Android and iPhone apps in the next month, but it’s not quite ready yet on these mobile devices.

So if you need to create and/or modify your Slice account due to this update, please do so on our website, When we update our iPhone and Android apps with the new technology, we’ll let you know. Should be in the next month, so I’m told.

Aaargh! All this is confusing!!! Please just tell me what I need to do.

In short, you probably don’t need to do anything special at all. But if you’ve read all the above info and still have questions, just email us at support[at]slice[dot]com and Victor will take care of you. He’s really good at stuff like that.