Our Slice Bookshelf team wants to make your app experience easy and smooth, but our app is no fun if you don’t have any Slice Bookshelf friends to follow and discuss books with! So, here’s a quick tutorial for how to Invite your friends to join Slice Bookshelf! With Pictures! Because everyone likes Pictures!

“You know what ELSE everybody likes? Pictures! Have you ever met a person,

you say, “Let’s take some Pictures,” they say, “Hell no,

I don’t like pictures?” No, because pictures are delicious”

-Donkey from Shrek   

 Open the Application, Click the Drop Down Profile Icon on the Right-Hand Side and Click Invite Friends, or click here :

 The Next Page will have all of your Facebook Friends on the Left-Hand Column that you can Click to Invite:

And then Send them a Personal Message Asking them to Join:

Or, you can Search  for their name in the Slice Bookshelf Search Bar:

And then Open Their Profile and Click the Blue Button that says, “Invite”