So, I’m not sure if you know this, but Slice Bookshelf is, well, all about books. Thus, it’s important for our users to know how to Add books to your Slice Bookshelves so that you can enjoy everything the app has to offer. Here are a few tips on adding your favorite reads:

1. When you Open the Application, you can hover your mouse over a book that is being discussed on your dashboard and Like, Dislike, Favorite, or Comment:

2. The search bar at the top of every page also allows you to search and then add a book to your Like, Dislike, or Favorite Bookshelf within the Search Bar! Or, you can click on the book in the search bar which will take you to the Books Page, and then you can add it to a specific bookshelf on the left-hand side by clicking on the blue tab “Add to Bookshelf”:

3. You can also link your GoodReads account! Select your profile picture icon in the top right-hand corner and select “Import from GoodReads” and follow the instructions:

4. You can also Link Your Inbox! Simply go to the profile picture drop-down menu in the top right hand corner, click Settings, and then Edit your Linked Inboxes. Or click here