So you want to be a social butterfly?!? Well, we completely support your Monarch, Swallowtail, and Blue Morpho dreams.

Firstly, invite absolutely everyone you know to join Bookshelf. If you haven’t already read our How To, click here!

Secondly, make new friends on Slice Bookshelf by following current Users and Featured Bookshelves.

How to Follow other Bookshelf Users:

Visit the Slice Bookshelf Home Page.

Click on the Everyone tab at the top of your page. You   should see an ever-changing ticker of Bookshelf users’ actions.





Do you see someone who has posted interesting comments, books, or collections? Visit their Profile by clicking on their name or image.

Now, click on the blue Follow button! Now you will always be on the same page (puns should always be intended) about their have-reads, to-reads, and can’t-put-downs! You can also find other users to Follow by visiting Book pages and reading the comments sections.


How to Follow Featured Bookshelves:

Every week, the Slice Bookshelf Team picks favorite Bookshelvers (like you!), authors, bookstores, celebrities, and others who have carefully curated their collections of books!


To view these Featured Bookshelves, look to the right side of your Bookshelf Home Page.


To view more of our Featured Bookshelves, click see all at the bottom of that module and Follow any shelf that sparks your interest!

Do you have a great idea for our next Featured Bookshelf theme? Or have you created a truly Feature-worthy shelf? Let us know! Tweet, Facebook, Email… we’ll get the message!