So, you’ve sent your Mother’s Day gift already, right? I mean, right? Of course you have (& if not, there are still a few e-delivery options on our list here.)Share the gift without spoiling the surprise

But assuming you’ve got a gift in transit, why not remind your Mom you’re not a total f-up double your gift-giving fun by letting her know her gift is on the way. With Slice’s Track With Friends feature (available on iPhone or at you can send her a quick & colorful note that will give her a heads up that something’s coming in the mail.

Of course, you probably don’t want to spoil the surprise, which is why you have the option of hiding the item and/or the merchant, and just revealing the tracking number with a link to see exactly when her package is due to arrive. Mom doesn’t even need a Slice account to see this, since Slice generates a simple email with any & all of the information you choose to send along.

So this Mother’s Day, let Mom know she raised you right by assuring her in advance that you’ve got things covered. And don’t forget to call/write/visit more often, OK?