Have you ordered 50 reams of paper recently? What about 144 ping pong balls or 240 cans of Red Bull?

While these orders could belong to an over-caffeinated collegian in the midst of exams, they are unusual receipts for our typical civilian Slice user. This ensemble of office necessities, however, is standard fare for our corporate demographic. Here are a few ways we’ve seen small businesses use Slice to simplify their spending.

Receipt management:

Like any successful startup with aspirations of empire-building, the Slice kitchen is nutritiously stocked: Diet Coke, Red Bull, Pop Chips, peanut butter-filled pretzels, Famous Amos mini cookies, trail mix, and more. By next month, our team may be searching for refills but our accountants will be rummaging for receipts. Fortunately for everyone, the Slice app can provide an itemized list of our favorite edible- as well as our more customary- office supplies.

If you are running a business, regardless of number of employees (or the number of weekly Costco deliveries), you can use the Slice app to monitor spending and maintain organization for tax purposes, audits, and general bookkeeping. Just be sure everyone doing the ordering has their email hooked up to Slice!

Frequent shippers:

Do you ship boxes frequently? Whether you are running a brick and mortar store with substantial online shoe sales or are a newly-minted eBay seller of sporting goods, Slice’s Add Shipment features can save you hours.

Use your smartphone to scan tracking barcode numbers. Then you can track the shipments simultaneously online or through your mobile device.

Improve Customer Service:

Slice’s Track with Friends feature allows you to send customized emails to any recipient. Let recipients know that a package is en route and when it’s scheduled to arrive.  Gift-givers may choose to hide the package’s content so that they don’t spoil the surprise. For your more run-of-the mill shipments, you can share all the item details so the recipient knows what’s coming.

Cost cutting:

Use Slice’s categories to see where you or your employees are spending the most money and where you could efficiently budget funds. Go to the “Slice & Dice” tab on the website for a detailed month-by-month spending overview, or check out your Profile in our smartphone apps for a quick look at your spending categories.

Money saving:

Save money with price adjustments from our featured merchants. Yes, that’s right – we’ll alert you to cash back opportunities from popular merchants such as Best Buy, New Egg, MacMall, and Buy.com. Don’t overpay on your office equipment!

Expense reporting:

If you are spending professionally from a personal account, use Slice to simplify your expense reporting by tracking your e-receipts and online purchases. At the end of the month (or whenever your expenses are due), simply review your purchase history to see which expenses might be deductible.

So whether you are a caffeinated collegian, self-employed, or a Fortune 500 company ordering by the truckload, Slice is here to help.

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