Last week we brought you the skinny on online pizza sales (apparently we’re not the only ones with a reliance. Phew.). This week, we decided to give you the inside scoop on a subject that just gets nearer and dearer as summer wears on and we still haven’t booked a vacation yet…Yup, this week we’re talking all things travel.

It’s certainly no surprise that travel is a huge category for e-commerce. (Have you tried calling an airline to reserve tickets recently? No? We have one, terrible, word for you: muzak.) There are a LOT of options out there for buying travel online – from the airlines themselves to third party sellers like Expedia and Hotwire. Here’s an inside look at your favorites:

From budget-friendly darlings like Southwest Airlines (we’re still telling the tale of the $64 ticket from San Francisco to LA) to the major, stalwart players, Slice users often often go straight to the source, buying their plane tickets from the airlines themselves. Favorites include Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, US Airways, Continental, Alaska Airlines, United, Virgin America, and Airtran. That’s quite a list — and with this stiff competition, airlines are starting to distinguish themselves in unexpected ways. You may be partial to Flava Flav sightings, but we’re still keen on the glam new uniforms at Virgin America.

And then there are the travel sites. While we can’t comment on the traction of sites – like Kayak – that redirect sales, there are a few travel companies that rank on our top 100 most popular online retailers list. Whether you’re shopping for vacation packages or looking for a great deal on a cruise, Orbitz, Expedia and Hotwire are your online go-to destinations.

Got some vacation days lined up and feeling inspired? Looks like Expedia is having a sale. Or, if you know of any great deals sites we didn’t mention, do share! We’re all ears.