For a couple of weeks, we were making some minor patches and enhancements and releasing them pretty quickly. But with the latest 1.4 release, we wanted to take some time to focus on a few key features that our users have been asking for:

  1. Adding your own packages: we’re pretty good at picking up most, if not all, your tracking email confirmations from your inbox. But what about those packages that don’t have email receipts like the package you’re sending to your mom for Mother’s Day? Well we thought this was important too. So now you can select a carrier and type in a tracking # and track these packages just like you do with your other online purchases.
  2. Customizing your push notifications: well this one caught us off-guard as we figured everybody would always want a push notification for their packages. Well it turns out that a lot of folks don’t want to keep hearing the noise & vibrate for every package status. So we introduced the ability to customize these notifications in your settings: turn them on of off by type, turn the sound & vibrate on or off. Taking a cue from Burger King: “have it your way”.
  3. Deleting and marking as delivered made easier: we’ve talked to some of our power-users over the phone — we really really care about how our users use the product — and it turns out that most of their time was spent on the Updates screen. So it’s no wonder that we’ve been getting a lot of questions & feedback on how to delete and mark things as delivered. So rather than trying to take our users to water, we figured we should bring the water to you. Right on the Updates page, we’ve added checkboxes along the left hand column. Tapping on them will bring up two buttons: Edit/Change Status & Delete. Boom goes the dynamite!
  4. New profile page: seeing your spending totals has a very polarizing effect on our users: some people love it, others hate it. We didn’t want to get rid of it, but instead, we moved it to this new profile page so you can access it when you want to, rather than seeing it every time you launched the app.

Thanks to all our passionate Slicers who sent in feedback. Keep it coming. We promise we’re listening and doing our best to make our app even better!

(Psst: iPhone user? You can download or update our iPhone app here)