We launched the Slice Android app not even two weeks ago and boy, was there some pent-up demand there! We were thrilled with the uptake of our 1.0 product, and got some great feedback. We’ve already released some updates and there are more in the works. A lot of the feedback focused on a few key features, so we thought we’d let you know where we stand with those:

  • Mark items as “delivered” or otherwise manually change the delivery status of an order. Our #1 request and it was our #1 priority. And good news, it’s now live as part of version 1.1 currently live in Google Play.
  • Preserving login/issues with being logged out automatically with folks who login usingĀ Google OpenID. We had a hard time reproducing this one, but we believe we’ve found the issue and pushed this fix out as part of 1.1.1 today. Note: if you were experiencing this issue previously, you may have to login one more time and you shouldn’t have to login again (unless you tap logout of course).
  • Filter out selected merchants: some of you don’t want Google Play purchases in there, some don’t want those Steam purchases showing up. Either way, within a few weeks, you’ll have the ability to filter out purchases from any of your merchants.
  • Support for more email providers, in particular Hotmail, AOL, and corporate emails. We’re actively working on this, but in the meantime, if there are some purchases you want in Slice, you can always forward your receipts from those non-supported email addresses to your Gmail or Yahoo! Mail account, then forward on to orders[at]goslice.com.
  • Make Slice available in Canada, the UK, & elsewhere. We’ve had a number of requests to make our app available outside the US. While we’d love to do this, the truth is that a lot of work goes into making sure Slice is properly localized. In the meantime, if you shop a lot from US merchants and you’re really really curious to give us a whirl, sign up at slice.com and see what you think.

Thank you so much for your feedback – we’re working hard to keep up with your requests to make Slice even better for you! If you think of anything else, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at feedback[at]goslice.com. And be sure to keep your Slice Android app updated so you’ve always got the latest and greatest version on hand.

(Psst: iPhone user? You can download or update our iPhone app here)