Everyone likes surprises but aren’t you just a little curious about what you’re getting from your sweetheart today? We sure are! That’s why we took a look at some Valentine’s Day shopping trends from previous years, along with a snapshot of all the love-inspired gifts currently crisscrossing the country, bound for your doorstep from your beloved. While many of the results weren’t surprising – as expected, major metropolises such as New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Houston ordered the largest quantities of chocolate, jewels and flowers – a few wild cards were thrown in. Let’s take a look.

While New Yorkers may have had the good taste to send chocolate to their valentines, the cities of San Jose and Flint (that’s in Michigan in case you were wondering) came in as close seconds. Wondering what Michiganders know about chocolate? Lots. They’re home to one of the largest chocolate factories in the nation, Morley Candy Makers. Perhaps they’re using Valentine’s Day as an excuse to indulge in the local favorites. Then again, who needs an excuse?

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, some lucky Chicago ladies are going to be feeling the love today. Apparently, Chicago and Milwaukee are all about the baubles. Other cities that are sure to be all asparkle come tonight are Palm Beach and Daytona Beach – both Florida towns known for their affluent snowbirds – as well as the San Joaquin and Marin areas of California. And when it comes to flowers, a fresh bouquet goes a long way in Fort Lauderdale and Miami where the scent of spring is in the air year-round. San Franciscans are also channeling their inner flower children this Valentine’s Day with plenty of orders for their sweethearts.

And for those of you who don’t get what you wanted today, don’t fret. While we saw a spike in orders take place this past Friday, plenty of procrastinators seem to be waiting until the last minute to select the perfect gift. Whether it’s one of the gifts we tracked, a home-cooked meal or just a few special moments alone with the ones you love, we hope you get everything you deserve this special day. From us to you, have a happy Valentine’s Day!