The lovely email your friend will receive - choose from one of many gift wrap designs.

We know the holidays are hectic, and with only a couple weeks to go of the year’s busiest shopping season, we’re psyched to give you the heads up about some great news! Just in time for Free Shipping Day this Friday – which will, without a doubt, be the busiest shipping day of the season – we’re rolling out a cool new feature that will make it even easier to alert loved ones that a special surprise is heading their way.

Let’s face it, sending an email with a forwarded tracking number to your friends or family isn’t exactly the classiest way to make sure they’re keeping an eye out for their gift. That’s why we created the “Track With Friends” feature, which lets you personalize your email notifications with custom gift-wrapping to reflect the occasion and a personal message, as well as practical information such as tracking numbers and estimated arrival date. This way, you’re never left wondering whether your loved ones received the gifts you so thoughtfully picked out and you don’t have to ruin the surprise. It’s perfect for the holidays – but will be equally great for birthdays and other special occasions throughout the year!

What your friend will see when they click the link (in this case, the sender elected to keep product details hidden)

To access the feature, simply go to the “Track Shipments” tab in your Slice account on our website or in the All My Purchases application in Yahoo! Mail. Click on the “Track With A Friend” button, then choose your theme. You can choose to show all the package details – items, price and merchant – or to hide all of the details and just show the package location updates on a map to build anticipation for your surprise.

Go ahead and give it a spin and let us know what you think. We hope you love it as much as we do!