Wrapping up one of the craziest shopping weeks of the year, with only more mayhem on the way, Slice reflected on a few of the interesting trends that emerged since the shopping and shipping season kicked into high gear one week ago.

Even though Black Friday is notorious for its in-store deals, online shopping activity went through the roof as well, we observed. Chalk it up to a prolonged turkey coma or just an aversion to overzealous shoppers, but Slice users bought 2.5 times as much on Black Friday when compared to the previous four Fridays. The spending frenzy continued into the weekend, with Saturday seeing about half as much spending as Black Friday figures, but a 34 percent increase when compared to the previous four Saturdays. As expected, Cyber Monday also saw a huge bump in spending: a 40 percent increase when compared to the previous four Mondays.

Top selling items included, unsurprisingly, Kindle readers, the 16 GB iPhone, and Xboxes. And while the average order tracked by Slice fell in the $50 range, a few Slice users loosened the purse strings and ordered some big ticket items ranging from motorcycles to designer watches. The prize for most-expensive purchase goes to the new owner of a $6,500 Harley Davidson. Meanwhile, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows topped the list of most purchased movies, followed by Bridesmaids and Inception. The most popular TV on which Slice users will watch their new movies will likely be a 40″ Samsung, according to our data.

With t-minus 19 days until the biggest gift-giving holiday of the year, it will be interesting to see who found the best deals, which gifts will emerge as particularly hot items and which regions are home to the biggest spenders. We’ll keep you posted!