With all the excitement around the iPhone 4S (including a couple of purchases in our own office), we were curious to see what everyone out there was buying from Apple, one of our more popular merchants.  Since Apple offers e-receipts, we’re able to capture both online & in-store purchases. So we took a look at the activity of our user base over several days recently (starting on October 14, when the first pre-orders shipped) – and found some interesting things:

Carrier: Despite all the whinging about service coverage for AT&T (at least in the San Francisco Bay Area), most of you are sticking with old Ma Bell. Verizon came second in line, but since Verizon’s only been available on iPhones since earlier this year, very few people are going to upgrade at this point.  Sprint, brand new to the iPhone game, did pick up a small share of initial iPhone 4S sales in its debut. Seems like a lot of recent purchases are upgrades, then, but this will surely change over time.

Storage: For 50% of you, bigger isn’t necessarily better. Just over half of the iPhone 4S purchases in our data set were for the 16GB model, vs. 31% for the 32GB, and 17% for the 64GB. Better not download too many movies! But if you’re actually using your phone as, well, a phone, you’ll be more than fine.

Color: We found pretty much an even split between black and white iPhone orders. Can the iPhone be this generation’s Black & White Cookie? “Look to the iPhone, Elaine, look to the iPhone!”

Bear in mind that this is just the first several days’ worth of data, so we’ll take a look at it from time to time to see if the information changes.

How about you? Did you buy an iPhone 4S?