Whether he’s the strong silent type or our biggest cheerleader, the dads in our lives come in all shapes and sizes. From the good friend who’s celebrating his first Father’s Day to the dad who never missed a single one of his daughter’s ballet recitals, many of us have more than one special guy in our lives. More and more, these men are scattered all over the country, which can complicate the issue of delivering Father’s Day gifts.

As we increasingly turn to our computers to find the perfect gifts, we want to make sure that everything goes right — from the minute we click “purchase” to the moment that package shows up on dad’s doorstep. As gifts crisscross the country this week, bound for our beloved fathers, how are you keeping track of it all? Why not let Slice do the work? We’ll track your packages as they make their way to the fathers in your life, so that you don’t have to stress. Instead of worrying about whether your package got to where it needs to be on time, sit back, relax and look forward to hearing the delight in Dad’s voice after unwrapping your gift this Sunday.

Our dads may not be as geographically close as we’d like, but we can still give them the Father’s Day gifts they deserve.

Whether you dad’s near or far this Father’s Day, we hope it is a great day to remember.

– The Slice Team