Our Gift to You: Slice Package Predictor!

Nothing ruins the holidays like a gift not arriving on time! Fear not– our Package Predictor will help you be a hero this holiday season. How? We are watching all the shipments made by Slice Nation and calculating the average amount of time it takes from the day the order was made to the day the package arrived at its destination, so you can see, for example, that it might take a little longer for Aunt Martha to get her package in Montana than your sister Sally in San Francisco.

How it works: you can search by state or metro area using the drop-down menu on the right of the map, or key in the ZIP code to see the average shipping time to that destination. The tools on the upper left-hand corner will help you zoom into any area of the map to get a closer view of the shipping times in a given area.

Have fun playing with the data, and happy holiday shopping!

About the Data
With a panel of more than 2 million online shoppers, Slice Intelligence offers the most detailed and precise digital commerce data available, reported daily.

Slice Intelligence is the only service to measure digital commerce directly from the consumer, across all retailers, at the item level, over time. This retailer-independent methodology accurately measures commerce as it happens. By extracting detailed information from hundreds of millions of aggregated and anonymized e-receipts, Slice can map the entire Purchase Graph, connecting each and every consumer to all their purchases.

Slice gets its data from e-receipts – not a browser, app or software installed by the end-user – so its measurement reflects comprehensive shopping behavior across multiple devices, over time which are key in an increasingly omnichannel retail world.

How to Make the Most of Cyber Monday


cyber monday

Don’t want to brave the Black Friday crowds? We totally get it – we wouldn’t either! That’s why Cyber Monday is the perfect opportunity to browse any imaginable retailer and to shop ‘til you drop at low, guilt-free prices from the comfort of your own home. What could be better? So get ready – Cyber Monday is the pinnacle of online shopping, and it’s coming up in less than a week! Read on for our tips on how to save the most during this event, and know that Cyber Monday is the perfect day to make use of our free app Slice – we’ll take care of all the nitty-gritty package tracking, price drop, and product recall details so all you have to do is enjoy spending that hard-earned money!

Get an early start. Keep an eye out for Cyber Monday…on Friday. Many retailers, like Wal-Mart and Kmart, offer some of their best online prices the day after Thanksgiving. Amazon is already doing flash sales (a new sale every 10 minutes)! So if there’s a specific item you’re looking for, your best bet is to buy it as early as possible before it sells out.


Act quickly! And if you can, wake up early. It’s easy to forget that quantities are limited in the convenience of shopping from home. But online retailers will run out of the items you want almost as quickly as will physical stores, which can end in disappointment. Early to rise makes the shopper wise! You might also set aside a couple of hours on Monday devoted solely to online shopping so your entire day doesn’t go to waste. This way you will also curb browsing-to-buying temptation and save!

Stick to a budget. We all know how hard it can be to keep track of how much you’re spending when items are heavily discounted. And with the holidays coming up, you’ll want to use Cyber Monday’s savings to buy gifts for friends and family (and indulge in yourself a little, too!). To shop the smartest, make a list of who you plan to buy things for and how much you’re willing to spend (or, better yet, over the weekend decide what items you want to purchase so you can just head straight to those on Monday). A little browsing is fine, but capping the amount you spend on these impulse buys will lead to a happier wallet (and a happier you).

Know in advance some of the deals being offered. While many of the coupons and discounts will only be revealed closer to the date, some merchants have already released information about the price drops they will implement. CNET has put together a list of the best tech deals, and the Wall Street Journal has made a list of smartphone deals. Looking for a getaway? There are Cyber Monday deals for travelers too – Budget Travel’s list features the best discounts. For a broader range of items, head on over to the New York Post or to The Huffington Post’s list of the 10 best stores to visit this Monday.

Stay safe. The best way to shop is with a calm conscience. Read the Los Angeles Times’ tips for safe shopping during the holidays and keep your financial information secure so you can shop confidently.

Slice Acquires Unroll.Me

Slice expands beyond shopping to offer consumers more utility from email inboxes

PALO ALTO, Calif.—November 24, 2014—Slice, the company known for its popular shopping and package tracking app, today announced that it has acquired Unroll.Me, the service that lets consumers mass unsubscribe to emails and consolidate promotions and newsletters into one daily digest.

header-logoWith the acquisition, Slice embarks into new territory.  The company’s flagship app, Slice, makes online shopping smarter by organizing valuable shopping data from inboxes, while Unroll.Me offers an elegant solution to eliminating inbox clutter caused by promotions, newsletters and spam.

“Slice and Unroll.Me are attacking the same problem—our inboxes are so cluttered that it’s nearly impossible to find the information that’s important,” says Scott Brady, chief executive officer at Slice.  “We started with shopping, but we are not finished making email useful again.”

Based in New York City, Unroll.Me was founded in 2011 by Josh Rosenwald and Jojo Hedaya, who met while studying abroad in high school. Introduced by a teacher who recognized they were the only two in the program with BlackBerrys, Rosenwald and Hedaya were young entrepreneurs working on separate projects. A frustration with e-mail brought them together to build Unroll.Me.

Unroll.Me co-founders Jojo Hedaya (l) and josh Rosenwald (r).

Unroll.Me co-founders Jojo Hedaya (l) and Josh Rosenwald (r).

“Like many people, we would often complain about how frustrating it is to communicate and connect via email,” recalls Rosenwald.  “Our inboxes were overloaded with junk and we realized if we wanted the problem fixed, we had to do it ourselves.”

The first version of Unroll.me was a simple way to see all your subscriptions and get rid of the ones you didn’t want, in one click. After a small beta to friends and family, Unroll.Me became a viral hit; quickly amassing over a million users, which the company refers to affectionately as “Rollers.”

“We instantly admired the Unroll.Me product—specifically its simplicity, immediate utility and the way sharing was built into the experience,” says Brady. “The team was even more impressive. Josh and Jojo are gifted entrepreneurs who have built a team and product that perfectly complement our mission at Slice, and together, we will significantly grow our business through new products that increase the utility of all the information in the inbox.”

About Slice

Slice is online shopping, smarter. Slice’s technology automatically identifies e-receipts within inboxes and extracts every data point about every purchase to create digital commerce products that delight consumers and create business value for partners. Slice is transforming online shopping and retail by unveiling never-before-seen digital commerce data via its APIs, information products and consumer applications.

Based in Palo Alto, CA, Slice is an independent, wholly-owned subsidiary of Rakuten. To learn more about Slice, visit www.slice.com.

10 Essential Items for Your Carry-On

Get ready to rock your carry-on for Thanksgiving travel.

Get ready to rock your carry-on for Thanksgiving travel.

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and you may be planning a trip home. Whether you are an experienced traveler and or whether planes are a foreign means of transportation, you might find use in the list we have compiled of 10 essential items you need to pack in your carry-on. You can use Slice as a complimentary service when purchase any of the items listed – we make sure you can track your packages and any price drops on what you buy so you can have a great trip!

  1. Liquid container kit. All travelers must follow TSA’s 3-1-1 rule – that is, containers must be a maximum of 3.4 oz, must fit in a quart-size Ziploc bag, and only one of these bags is allowed onboard. Instead of buying containers separately, which can get expensive, consider buying a pre-packaged kit. Sport Chalet offers a complete kit (including bottles) at a reduced price of $10, and Luggage Online is selling a great kit option from Samsonite for a discounted price of $7. If you already have the bottles and just need a leak-proof zip top pouch, check out REI’s Liquids Bag.
  2. Passport carrier. A passport carrier helps keep the thing you want safest closest to you. Amazon has a great array of options from a variety of brands at relatively low prices. A money belt like the one featured on Zappos is another useful option. Have a look at eBay’s list of suggestions for keeping your passport safe and avoid a scare.
  3. Bath and body miniatures. Travel-size toiletries are a must regardless of travel time. Buying regular-sized bottles of your trusted favorites and filling squeezable travel tubes, like GoToobs, is usually the cheapest option. Miniatures, however, are another choice. Minimus has all types of personal care miniatures, and if you sign up for their mailing list, you get a 5% coupon!
  4. Sleeping Beauty: Sleeping masks, ear plugs…these are beauty items you absolutely need, especially if you’re traveling far. For the best of both worlds, try Dream Essentials’ cupped sleeping mask, which comes with complimentary ear plugs!
  5. Your own meal. You don’t have to eat unhealthy airplane or airport food.Have a look at images of various airlines’ options on Airline Meals and decide whether to bring your own meal, which will save you money (and keep away that bloated, sluggish feeling).
  6. Entertainment. BLAH Airlines looking too familiar?Long plane rides can get boring fast, and your electronics are there to help bide the time. If your flight is on the longer end, definitely bring along your iPod and laptop.
  7. Clothing. Roll a change of clothes up in your carry-on in case your luggage gets lost. Lifehacker has great clothing packing techniques that will save you space.
  8. Jewelry. As with your passport, jewelry is something you want to keep close to you at all times. Baggallini’s jewelry pouch is a good option, and Horchow sells adorable travel organizers that can prove very practical – you can use them to store not only jewelry but makeup or small cables.
  9. Cute stationery. Grab a cute notebook and some pens to jot down things that strike you, even if home is just an hour plane ride away.Paper Source has classic, versatile options.
  10. The carry-on itself! Check out the Slice Pinterest page [LINK] for the cutest, sturdiest options you can get!

Scary Good Deals on Halloween Costumes

halloween postHalloween is right around the corner! But are more scared about how much you will wind up spending on a costume than thrilled about having a terrific time? We get it – unless Halloween is you favorite holiday of the year and you prepare for it months in advance, you probably are nonchalant about the date and just want to have a fun time – not cash in big-time for a costume you will only wear once. So over here at Slice, where you can track your packages and be notified of price drops, we have put together a list of tips and websites you can use to look fabulously spooky at a reasonable price (or for free!).

A costume is a must. After all, what’s Halloween if not an opportunity to get all decked out in outrageous clothes? But it is easy to go overboard on spending – a recent study calculates that Americans will spend $11.3 billion in total in preparing for Halloween this year. So keep your budget to a minimum by buying costumes from discount stores like Costume Discounters, which has a clearance section replete with affordable outfits, or Spirit Halloween, which offers a 20% coupon when you join their mailing list. And get inspired with posts like PopSugar’s list of DIY costumes or Slice’s very own Pinterest!

Get creative – design your own costume! Making your own costume will be more time-consuming if you choose to actually buy materials from craft stores like Michaels or Factory Direct, but imagine how rewarding it will be to know you have the only costume of your kind! When putting together your costume, if possible, buy items that you can re-use in other occasions. Websites like thredUP or ASOS sell affordable, sometimes Halloween-specific items that you could incorporate into your Halloween look but also into your everyday style.

Make do with what you already have. Real Simple and Her Campus have suggestions for costumes you can make with items you already have in your closet. The more you dare to go beyond the expected, typical costumes, the more fun you’re guaranteed to have!

Want to amp up the creepy factor? Complement costumes by using makeup to your advantage. Check out Buzzfeed’s list of uber-creepy, realistic looks to try out this year. As for where to buy the makeup, you have a few options: Halloween-specific stores like Halloween Express or Mehron sell kits you can use if you have a popular costume in mind, and regular makeup stores have options which multitask and are useful not only for Halloween but for other events. Not sure how to do your makeup for this night? Consider asking the pros at Sephora’s beauty studio for tips and for a mini-makeover!

What will you be wearing? Let us know – we’d love to hear!