Happy National Dog Day!

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Fun fact: dogs have been our best friends since forever. Why? During the cavemen era, life was hard for us humans – hunting was, at times, near impossible, and we were constantly worried about protecting ourselves from other animals. Wolves also needed a constant diet and realized quick that if they domesticated themselves, life would be pretty great. So began our awesome partnership. Wolves would help us hunt and protect us with their strength and ability to hear danger miles away, and we would feed them and give em’ all the snuggles they wanted.

Why am I telling you this story? Because it’s National Dog Day, of course! And in honor of my favorite day ever, we’ve put together our list of the best online dog shopping resources – so you can get all you need for your furry friend in the time it takes to take them on a walk!

BarkboxIf you’re the type to host a birthday party for your pup, this subscription box service is all you need. Sign up, pick the size of your dog, and bam – you’re set. Here’s what’s included in your Barkbox: a combination of four-six treats, toys, and occasional hygiene products. In terms of pricing, it varies based on how many months you select. One month is $29, three months is $24 each, six months is $21 each, and a year is $19 each.


Chewyyour handy-dandy online pet store. Hosting over 400 brands of pet food and accessories, you have all you need. Plus, if you order over $49 worth of items, you’ll receive free 1-2 day shipping.


WagThis site is very similar to Chewy, except that you can also order pet meds… which is pretty necessary, no? In addition, these smarties are offering 15% off pet food for the next three months if you’re a new shopper. Seems like a no brainer to me!


DogI mean, with a name like that, how could you go wrong? Okay, so it may be similar to Chewy and Wag, but it has even more treats and trinkets to satisfy even the pickiest of pups. What’s better? You can even adopt a dog from their site!


We’d love to see pictures of your pups! Send them over through Facebook or Twitter!

How to: Deck out your dorm room


It’s pretty embarrassing how much I still miss college. Sure, I graduated 4 years ago and have the best job I could imagine – but that doesn’t matter. College was the bomb.

I’ll never forget driving up to my freshman year dorm for the first time. I was a nervous wreck walking down my hall – I’ve never clung onto my parents more. I finally unlocked my door and walked in. My roommate introduced herself (we’re still tight today), I unloaded all my bags, and the dorm planning begun. We instantaneously became interior decorators.

With college starting for so many of you (I can’t handle my jealousy), dorm decorating is a necessity. So read ahead for our tips on creating the best dorm room EVER – and be sure to use Slice to keep track of the shipping of your dorm décor!

Make the space your own. When you get home after a long day, you want to be in a place that is, quite simply, you. Cut out letters of your names, wall decals, and a rug you love are all small accents that make a big difference. Also, command hooks are your best (inexpensive) friends: on walls or even on ceilings – see, for example, how to make a canopy with 3M hooks that abides by your school’s regulations on this Buzzfeed post.

Buy for the long-term. To save money in the long-term, pick decorations that will last all the years you’ll be in school (or even better, beyond college). Dormify is currently offering free shipping for orders over $100 and 15% off when you sign up for their email list. Check out their ‘Rooms’ tab for curated sets of items, each selected to match a certain theme, so whether your mood is free spirited, rebellious, or girly, you can be sure to find cute bedding, decorations, and organizational items – even things like drawer liners – for mid-range prices.

Where to buy décor?

  1. Zazzle has a great selection of user-created items, including everything from pillows to posters to tapestries – and some are even custom made. Adorable items? Check. Affordable prices? Check mate!
  2. Fairy lights, whimsical pillows, comfy rugs, quirky art prints…Urban Outfitters has it all (and then some). Prices might be a bit high for non-essential items, but their sale stuff is UNREAL. Also, shipping is free for orders over $50, so it’s best to buy in bulk.
  3. Target is practically every girl’s best friend (myself included). And if you need to stash up on beauty products before leaving, read this Buzzfeed guide to shopping for beauty products at Target – there are a number of different money-saving tools you can use to bring that final price even lower. You can rack up quite the substantial amount of savings by using Cartwheel, Target’s couponing app, and also be aware of the store’s price-match program – if the product is cheaper on Amazon, for example, Target will match the price.

Coordinate with your roommate. This is where it gets fun (and cheaper, of course)! Coordinating is the key to making sure your room looks like a designer took care of everything. Take a look at this Refinery29 piece, chock full of great tips on how to decorate with a roommate. Have a look at our Pinterest for further inspiration!

We’d love to see your gorgeous dorms! Send us a Tweet or shoot us a post on Facebook please and thank you!

Happy National Thrift Store Day!


As a wise man (Macklemore) once said (rapped): “I wear your granddad’s clothes, I look incredible. I’m in this big ass coat from that thrift shop down the road.”

Sure, Mr. Mack was on to something – thrift shop finds are typically gems – but for many, the idea of frequenting one of these spots invokes major anxiety. Why? Because who has time to dig through 32489 racks before getting to the gold? Me neither.

Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret: there is another, easier way to thrift shop: online. Who knew? So, in honor of National Thrift Shop Day, we’ve scoured the Internet to find you the cream of the crop. Here’s our list of the best online thrift stores:

TheRealReal – Want to feel like Carrie Bradshaw for a day? This is the shop for you. Housing pieces from designers like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Oscar de la Renta at pretty fair costs, you can’t go wrong. If you’re looking to sell your pieces rather than make a purchase, you’ll be paid up to 70 percent of the selling price once someone snags your stuff. No-brainer.

The Real Real REAL

ThredUp – Offers clothing, shoes, and accessories for you as well as apparel and shoes for the kids—truly a one-stop (thrift) shop. ThredUp has a multitude of sizes, including petite, maternity, and plus size, as well as holding some of the best prices throughout the online thrift shop game. The best part? Every time you refer someone, they get $20 to spend and you receive the same once they make a purchase.


Poshmark – This one’s my personal fave. These smarties are different from a lot of other online thrift stores in that the middleman is cut out. Here, you (yes, you) can actually go onto the site or app and list the items you want to sell. Then, once someone purchases your stuff, Poshmark will take a small cut of the profits. In addition, when you sell an item, the site sends out a pre-paid envelope so you don’t have to worry about shipping costs. The coolest thing, though, is the fact that you can try and exchange items with sellers and they’ll sometimes lower their prices for you.


And there you have it. Whether it’s granddad’s clothes, or whatever you’re after, you have no reason to hold out from National Thrift Shop Day. Happy shopping!

How To: Beat the Heat with your Masterful Cooking Skills!

I walked in to my friend’s apartment this past Sunday afternoon as she was preparing her lunches for the upcoming week. She’d cooked three different meals and was in the process of portioning each into different containers, laid out in perfect order.

My first thought? HOW COULD SHE COOK IN THIS HEAT?! Sure, during the winter, I’m a cooking machine – but the thought of turning on the oven or standing above a hot stove during the summer makes me queasy. So, being my ever-precocious self, I asked just exactly what she was making. “Gazpacho, cole slaw and chicken salad,” she said, “and I only turned the oven on a couple times!”

Needless to say, my mind was blown. I immediately jumped onto Amazon and ordered myself these shiny new plastic containers. Yay! Next up? Figuring out what to make.

ContaintersIf you suffer from spending way too much money on picking up (aka. ordering) lunches, listen up. Here are all the recipes you need to get you through this way-too-hot summer.

If I could give you one piece of advice before I start, it is this: prepare your lunches for the next week the weekend before. Cooking after a long day’s work is hard. Do it on a Sunday and you’ll have dinner for that night and relax knowing you won’t have to worry about it for the rest of the week.

Okay, here goes:

Chinese Cold Noodles – 8 – 10 servings – recipe courtesy of Alex Guarnaschelli for Food Network


Watermelon Feta Salad12 servings – recipe courtesy of Jacques Pépin for Bon Appetit magazine


Spanish Gazpacho6 – 8 servings – recipe courtesy of Simpleveganblog.com 


Fruity Curried Chicken Salad8 servings – recipe courtesy of Allrecipes.com 


Tuna Niçoise Salad4 servings, which means doubling the recipe is in order! Recipe courtesy of Melissa Clark for New York Times


Panzanella – 8 servings – Recipe courtesy of Chow.com


Deviled Eggs12 servings (pro-tip: put the egg filling and egg whites in separate containers and put it together when you’re ready to eat! Less mess when traveling is always a good thing.) Recipe courtesy of Theginghamapron.com


Sausage and Arugula Pasta Salad – 8 servings – recipe courtesy of Farideh Sadeghin for Saveur Magazine


What are your favorite summertime dishes? Let us know through Facebook or Twitter!

Package tracking while you travel

Knowing your package is going to arrive but you won’t be home to receive it can be nerve-racking. Lucky for you, keeping tabs on your packages is what we do best at Slice, so you can get on with your life without worrying about your deliveries, even when you’re away! Here are some quick tips on how to making the most out of package tracking when you’re traveling.



Tracking on the fly

Ever make a last-minute purchase online and find yourself praying that it’ll make it to you before you leave for your big trip? If you’re anything like us, you’ll check the package tracking website twenty times an hour. The Slice app will let you know what the estimated date is but you’ll also get a push notification when it gets close. Leave the worry behind and track with Slice.

Share the shipment

An unattended package at your doorstep can be an invitation to theft! Don’t leave your package out or it might just get swiped. If you’re going to be away when the delivery is made, have a neighbor or a friend pick up the package for you. You can use Slice’s share shipment feature, so they know when the package is going to arrive. They don’t even need the Slice app to monitor the package.

Don’t pack it, ship it!

Going on a long vacation and it’s too expensive to check additional luggage? Consider shipping a package to your hotel or wherever you’re staying. Its a great option for parents with a car seat that’s too big to haul onto the plane.  Most hotels will be happy to accept a package for you, just check with them before you send off your belongings.

Alternatively, you may have bought too much stuff that won’t fit in your luggage on the way back. Send all your extra goodies back via post and save the hassle of having to buy additional bags or pay extra luggage fees. Use the Slice barcode scanner and you don’t need to manually enter your tracking number.  Now, send yourself off on vacation and leave the tracking to us.