Most Popular Halloween Costumes Revealed!

Halloween is right around the corner– we’re counting the days here at Slice (15, in case you were wondering)! While some people have been planning since last year, we know a lot of you are still looking for that perfect idea, so let us inspire you with this week’s hottest costumes that online shoppers can’t get enough of:

Halloween is All Frozen Over

Halloween Freezes Over: Frozen costumes are among all revelers - not just the kids

Halloween freezes over: Frozen costumes are popular among all revelers – not just the kids

Frozen costumes aren’t just for Disneyland trips and sing-a-long viewings – Frozen-themed costumes are this year’s go-to for everyone. Ice queen Elsa is, by far, the number-one costume for little girls (fully one-third) and grown women (41 percent, to be exact) alike, guaranteeing you’ll be seeing plenty of little girls trick-or-treating in sparkly blue and ladies rocking dramatic dresses.  The best Elsa accessory? An Olaf to match! Yep,  Olaf is one of the top baby costumes for this holiday, for all the moms who just can’t “let it go!” quite yet.

Fanboys Forever

Fanboy fantasy: half of all men's costumes are superheroes

Fanboy fantasy: half of all men’s costumes are superheroes

Whether animated (think Buzz Light Year) or a member of the Avengers squad, every boy wants to grow up to be a superhero. And this Halloween is no different – more than half of all the most popular men’s costumes are caped crusaders. Of the top Halloween costumes purchased by men this year, superheroes dominated the list with Batman, Spiderman, Superman and Captain America leading the charge for guys playing out childhood fantasies.

Mutt-squerade: Costumes Go to the Dogs

Happy Howl-ween! Why should humans have all the fun?

Happy Howl-oween! Dinosaurs, lions and Batman are the top canine costumes.

You can’t have a happy Howl-oween without your best friend, right? When it comes to canine costumes, dressing your pup as another animal is the most popular choice among online shoppers, with dinosaur and lion costumes leading the pack. Also in the mix: Batman and princess costumes, just like their owners. Aww!

Stay tuned for next week’s trending costumes! Will Elsa and the Fanboys continue to rule the Halloween world?

We’re getting better all the time!

We recently asked for your feedback and suggestions for the Slice app.  Our Slicers came out in droves to help! The feedback we received from everyone is still being digested by our team and there is a ton to get through. All the results will help us understand how you interact with Slice and what improvements we can make. If you didn’t get a chance to answer the survey and wanted to give us your feedback, send us a message at

Now the moment we’ve all be waiting for. The winner of the Slice survey is: Brianna Mcfadden! We hope you’ll enjoy your gift card and tracking that package with Slice! Thanks again to all our participants for making Slice that much better.

How To: Slice Your Cooking Budget

Cooking creatively and inexpensively can be done--without resorting to ramen.

Cooking creatively and inexpensively can be done–without resorting to ramen.

Just because you want to cook on a budget doesn’t mean you have to suffer. There’s no need to boil ramen when we’ve boiled down the three essentials of cooking on the cheap. All you have to do is shop, shop, shop and prepare that sumptuous meal!

1. Economical Utensils. Having the right utensils can make or break your experience in the kitchen. When buying utensils, you want to find those that are long-lasting and that ideally multitask. Check out Paleo Leap for 10 essential kitchen utensils. The list highlights what basics you need and nothing more so you don’t overspend on unnecessary items. Inessential items to be avoided, however tempting they may be, are ones that are incredibly specific – see HellaWella’s list so you know which gadgets to avoid when you shop.

So where to buy utensils? Wayfair has quality finds (including sets of items) for under $50, and Dollar General has a limited selection of kitchen items, but what they do have is about as inexpensive as it gets and of good quality. Target also offers good options for kitchen utensils and appliances, if a bit more expensive. They are currently offering 20% off KitchenAid and free shipping on orders over $50.

We also suggest that you take advantage of promotions. If you live in Northern California, for example, Lucky Supermarkets is running a promotion until January 2015 when you can earn free Thomas Professional Cookware like pots and pans by collecting stamps from your regular grocery purchases.

Plan Ingredients in Advance. Impulse purchases can kill the most thoughtful grocery budget. To avoid those temptations, we shop online.  You can give it a shot with services like the same-day delivery Google Shopping Express or Amazon Fresh (if you live in a number of metropolitan areas in the U.S.) or direct delivery from stores like Safeway (which offers free first time delivery) or Walmart. In general, we suggest avoiding specialty stores, as they tend to be more expensive, and opting for grocery stores instead. And make sure to keep track of your deliveries with Slice!

Creative Recipes Kill Budget Boredom. Cooking on a budget does not mean your food should be bland – it’s an opportunity to get creative instead! If you’re cooking for one, check out Budget Bytes, which is regularly updated with new mouth-watering recipes, or the Food Network’s budget-friendly recipes. Cooking Light has recipes under $10 for families. And if you don’t want to go grocery shopping but aren’t sure of what you can cook with what you already have, check out MyFridgeFood, which lets you input what you have in your fridge and suggests recipes based on the ingredients you select.

Here’s to a bon appétit on the cheap!

Fall Fashion: Leave the Shopping (and Saving) Tips to Us!

FINALLY- time to bust out the Fall fashion!

FINALLY- time to bust out the Fall fashion!

It’s officially autumn! The perfect season for beautiful scenery, pumpkin spice lattes, warm fires…and new fall fashions! Yes, sweater weather is finally here, and with it come infinitely many decisions of what to wear. Here at Slicethe app to use if you want to track your packages and be alerted of price drops – we want to help you build the very best fall wardrobe, so read on for our tips on shopping basics and some serious money saving tips!

Make room in your closet. Get rid of your unneeded clothes – a bi-annual cleaning will ensure that ill-fitting garments are long gone and that you revise what clothes you already have and may have forgotten about over time. Those ‘discoveries’ might already give you enough for some new outfit combos! Knowing exactly what clothes you own will also prevent you from buying items that are too similar, which your wallet will definitely thank you for. And don’t limit yourself only to clothes – have a look at your shoes, purses, and jewelry to make the cleaning comprehensive.

So set a few hours aside and get down to it – it may not seem like much, but cleaning out your closet will give you more breathing room and relief. Check out The Everygirl for options on what to do with the clothes you no longer want (i.e. you could cash in a few bucks from selling old clothes to buy some fall inspired pieces!) and for a list of questions to ask yourself when going through your closet.

Summer clothes live on (as do savings!). The perfect thing about autumn is that it is prime time for layering. So if you live somewhere with relatively mild autumn climate, you can still rock tank tops, t-shirts, or shorts, just cozy it up with a sweater, a scarf, and some boots. Stores like H&M, J.Crew, and ModCloth are having massive summer clearance sales which you can still take advantage of to complement your chilly-weather basics.

The basics:Refinery29 has the ultimate list of 30 fall basics, with both affordable and splurge-able examples. Items include chunky pullovers, white sneakers, and sweater dresses. Glamour also has a list of 10 basics (a clean white t-shirt, black leggings, and other essentials). And where to buy? ASOS has new fall arrivals such as oversized coats, as does Zappos. Anthropologie has the warm autumnal color palette down in their maxi skirts, button-downs, and dresses on sale, and Revolve has some heavily cool options.

In need of inspiration?Harper’s Bazaar has recaps of the best looks from the New York, London, Milan, and Paris Fall 2014 runways. And the Spring/Summer 2015 Ready-to-Wear fashion shows are taking place right now (Paris Fashion Week will continue until October 1), so be ahead of the trends and garner inspiration from those over at Vogue UK, which regularly updates their site to feature the newest collections.

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